The La Petite Maison dream

La Petite Maison is a small, intimate Parisian style bistro and wine bar in Melville, South Africa. With a mutual passion for food, chefs Timothy and Tyeya founded La Petite Maison with the aim of bringing to the table their learnings from past experiences and foods they have tasted as well as their invaluable knowledge gained about wines. From every continent they have traveled and every food-lover they have encountered, each adventure has culminated in the La Petite Maison dream.

Tim Stewart

Chef & Owner

Tim completed his training in Italy at Alma Scuola di Cucina where he earned a Grande Diploma in Italian cuisine. He then plied his trade working at one of Italy’s well-known restaurants Anitca Corte Pallavicina under Michelin star Chef Massimo Spigaroli. His experience includes working in South African kitchens including the Greenhouse and The Test Kitchen.

Tyeya Ngxola

Chef & Owner

A flight attendant for 11 years, Tyeya decided to follow her dream and passion for the culinary arts and graduated from Prue Leith Chef’s Academy. It was while she was studying at Alma, in Italy that she met Tim and the two formed a friendship founded on good food and an appreciation for hard work. La Petite Maison is a dream come to life for Tyeya and evidence of her passion in action.

A small restaurant with a big mission

A restaurant centered around unique storytelling through food and wine. Finessing the art of South African flavours and French techniques.

Flavour infusions

Every dish created and served is a combination of  flavours and infusions that excite your taste buds and challenge your senses.

Innovation meets creativity

Creativity and innovation are core foundations of our style and approach to food. As evidence of this commitment, we pair our dishes with uniquely authentic South African wines. We believe that wines tell stories, not only of people but also of the land.


It is our aim to give curious diners a uniquely intimate and authentic experience. Inspired by the small, cosy bistro’s in Paris, La Petite Maison offers an authentic and rich experience all around.